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100% Raw European Linen Natural/ Undyed
100% virgin wool sustainable viscose fabric certified compostable

100% natural European linen                  100% virgin wool/sustainable viscose
Natural/undyed                                        Light Vanilla           

Design: “Sen”, Luxurious Horsetail Hair Mattress Year: March 2013



In the olden days, genuine horsehair mattresses were reserved only for aristocrats until they became affordable for the common folk. When the modern polyurethane foam mattresses were introduced in the 1950s, the traditional horsehair mattresses vanished from the market.


Studio180° uses only the highest quality horsetail hair and finest British organic wool to build their horsetail hair mattresses “Sen”. They craft them entirely by hand in the traditional way of the 19th century: They uncoil the tightly twisted horsetail ropes, separate the hair by hand and use their antique 1830’s French hand carding machine to process and comb the horsetail hair twice, resulting in a soft, fairy floss-like fluff; a time-consuming procedure which embraces the preservation of the original process and making.


A double layer of British organic wool forms the foundation of the mattress “Sen”. The horsetail hair is carefully interlaced in small quantities and built up in three layers before the cover is hand stitched together. The edges are then formed and stitched by hand into the characteristic rolls. Finally the mattress is hand tufted with the handmade mattress tufts to keep the materials in place.


Studio180° makes their mattresses exclusively with natural and biodegradable materials including thread and cover fabric: A luxury, pure natural and sustainable product that lasts a lifetime when reconditioned professionally every 15-20 years. 





  • Climate and moisture regulating

  • Superior natural ventilation properties

  • Excellent spinal support

  • Naturally hypoallergenic

  • Anti-rheumatic qualities

  • Free from metals, glues and chemicals

  • Free from toxic chemicals and flame retardants

  • 100% natural, sustainable, biodegradable



Highest quality horsetail hair, British organic wool, natural linen thread


Standard mattress sizes, special dimensions on request



Finest 100% natural European linen

Luxurious 100% virgin wool/sustainable viscose (certified compostable)


Natural/ Undyed

Light Vanilla


Horsetail hair mattress “Sen” is handmade to order   

Chemical-free Natural Horsehair Mattress

Healthy Sustainable Eco Furniture & Objects 

Eco friendly Interior Design

Flame Retardant-free Eco Sofas

Sustainable Luxury

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