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    chair unit        right/ left hand unit       chaiselongue with fix seat      right/ left hand three seat sofa unit

                                                                    or horsehair mattress              with fix seat or horsehair mattress



    Bespoke sizes on request. Eco Modular Sofa“Sen” is made-to-order

Color Options SEN _ Studio180degree

Design: “Sen”, Eco Modular Sofa
Year: March 2013





“Treasure Collection” is a continuous design project that uses natural and organic materials sourced from Britain wherever possible. It is an exploration of employing different forms of traditional arts and crafts to create contemporary and timeless objects.




“Sen” is a high-end eco modular sofa collection and stands for a redefinition of contemporary, responsible and sustainable living in the 21st century.  It represents a return to simplicity, constancy, honesty and fine craftsmanship. “Sen“ is made from the highest quality natural and organic materials that awakens the senses,  like finest British organic wool and luxurious wool/ramie cloth. 


The clean and unadorned design sets the focus on the employed highest quality materials and is based on the circular economy model which eliminates the concept of waste.

Studio180° employs their very own green building method without the use of glue and steel coil springs to craft all-natural and durable furniture pieces by hand. All materials used, except zips, are either biodegradable or recyclable and free from toxic flame retardants and harmful chemicals.


The selected high-quality cover fabric has a twill-like texture and a subtle, elegant shine. The highly engineered fabric has excellent climate-regulating properties and absorbs and evaporates moisture. After its lifespan, the fabric can be returned to natural cycles and be composted, where it will naturally breaks down into harmless components to provide food and nutrients for new life.



Known and treasured for centuries, the luxurious handcrafted horsetail hair mattress has been adopted into another context and forms the visual focus of the “Sen” chaiselongue element and provides a wonderful soft seating experience. Studio180°’s original full horsetail hair mattress “Sen” is composed of the most exquisite horsetail hair and is built in the traditional way, applying more than 1000 hand stitches. It presents a pure natural and fully biodegradable masterpiece of craftsmanship, keeping alive a diminishing skill and craft.


Sustainable& biodegradable engineered wood, 100% British wool felt, sustainable& natural CocoLatex, luxurious horsetail hair, finest organic 100% British wool  │ZERO flame retardant chemicals│



Luxurious compostable wool/ ramie cloth


Atlantic Blue, Emerald Green, Pebble Grey, Slate Grey



Dimensions rectangular back cushion:

W85cm │ L45cm │ H9cm
Standard fabric:

Luxurious compostable wool/ ramie cloth 
Standard colour:

Atlantic Blue │ Emerald Green │  Pebble Grey │ Slate Grey
Cushion Filling:

Hand carded British organic wool in zipped certified organic cotton cover

Dimension square back cushion:

W55cm │ L55cm │ H9cm
Standard fabric:

British made ethical& sustainably produced 100% wool fabric
Standard colour: Teal
Cushion Filling:

Hand carded British organic wool in zipped certified organic cotton cover

Womenswear Designer: Liora Lassalle
Model: Lucy Victoria
Menswear Designer(Bespoke Tailoring): Wendy Ho
Model: Ales Marek
Make-Up Artist/ Hair Stylist: Micela Merone
Photographer: Gregory Davies

Chemical-free Horsehair Mattress

Healthy Sustainable Eco Furniture & Objects 

Eco friendly Interior Design

Flame Retardant-free Eco Sofas

Sustainable Luxury 

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