Pentagon Stool


Design: “Pentagon Stool”
Year: May 2010

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Pentagon Stool is a timeless and contemporary seating unit in an asymmetrical pentagon shape. It can be applied as a single stool or used as a flexible modular seating concept where it can be arranged in endless different compositions, ideal for commercial and retail spaces, hotels, bars, etc.

Dimensions: W51cm │ D57cm │ H44cm
Materials: MDF base, FR foam and FR polyester dacron wadding have been replaced in 2013 with natural/ organic and sustainable materials, free from toxic f lame retardant chemicals  (materials are naturally flame retardant or contain an admixture of natural additives to comply with UK Fire Regulations)
Cover Fabric Grey Versions: High quality technical fabric (Swiss-made) with contrast piping
Cover Fabric Blue Version: 100% Long Fiber Hemp with contrast piping (dyed with low impact dyes and softened with beeswax, aloe vera and vitamin E)

© Made by Studio180° in London

Pentagon Stool 6Pentagon Stool 7Pentagon Stool 2Pentagon Stool 5Stools


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