Eden, The Tenango Sound Chair


Year: August 2011
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“Eden the Tenango Sound Chair”

A collaboration with designer Valentina Glez Wohlers for Natuzzi’s “Chair Affair” at London Design Festival 2011.

The unique, colourful and eye-catching embroidery created by Mexico’s Otomi Indians are the inspiration behind
Eden, the Tenango Sound Chair, a daring remix on Natuzzi’s iconic Sound Chair which brings together a burst of
Mexican colour and texture, Swiss precision and Italian design.

Natuzzi Sound Chair (mp3 A 3.5mm mini-jack cable hidden in the cavity between the back                                           cushion and the seat can be connected with any mp3 player. A 25-watt amplifier and two                                                  invisible speakers inside the back cushion turn a comfortable chair into a stereo surround system.
No need for headphones with Sound as it is designed to capture music without sound dispersion.
Sound offers a unique comfort plus audio experience)
Mexican Embroidery
Swiss Oeko-Tex Wool Felt


 © Valentina Glez Wohlers & Studio 180° | All rights reserved

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