BASTILLE, PARIS 19TH CENTURY || Horse clip clopping. Cobbled street. Barking dogs. Market bustle. Piles of horsehair. Jean-Pierre. Master craftsmen. Hand carding machine. Cloth. 1000 Hand stitches. Hours. Dedication.

N-EAST LONDON, 21ST CENTURY || Urban graffiti. Cobbled courtyard. Edwardian warehouse. Purring cat. Piles of horsetail hair. Modern crafts women. Same antique hand carding machine. Highly engineered Swiss cloth. 1000 hand stitches. Hours. Dedication. Closed loop system.


An audio-visual exploration of a crafting and design process. This film is a collaboration between a musician, a video artist and designer-maker duo Studio180°. Experience the rebirth of a traditional craft.

ASTRID STEINER is a London based video designer. ‘When I first saw Denise and Ladina working in their studio I was immediately struck by their intimate, meditative and rhythmic crafting process. I tried to capture the sensitivity and patience that goes into making these wonderfully artistic pieces they humbly call mattresses.’

ARAM ZARIKIAN lives and works in London as musician and sound designer. ‘The sounds Denise and Ladina create when they work are unique to their craft and reflect the knowledge, passion and love that goes into their pieces. It was pure joy to capture their natural sonic habitat and enhance the process sonically.’